This project serves as my attempt to explore a culture; one which I am inevitably part of and one which lingers around my past, present and future. It’s also a personal investigation into the non-places across Cornwall, those which echo stories of previous generations and serve to generate narratives of their own.

As a child I would play on an inoperative train, a single engine cab with a dozen china clay freight cars in tow. Every day after school I would visit this train and pretend to be the soul train driver and embark on mysterious journeys; my mind restless and curious while my physical self remained tied to this small corner of the world. The stationary train on its tracks with no beginning and no destination.

Sadly, I’ve always felt rather disassociated with Cornwall. It has been my home for my whole life, and yet, though I embrace its shortcomings, Cornwall remains to be a desolate, impoverished place with meagre opportunities.